To: The Lost Dogs Home Board

Your staff are at breaking point. Lost Dogs Home: clean up this mess.

A recent survey by United Voice found that more than 50% of Lost Dogs Home staff said they were forced to take stress leave in the last 12 months. 80% said they had experienced depression, loss of sleep and anxiety due to work related stress.

Staff are stuck on a WorkChoices-era agreement and don't get penalty rates for working weekends. This is contributing to understaffing and excessive workloads at the Lost Dogs Home.

We are calling on the board to clean up this mess. They must take urgent steps to ensure Lost Dogs Home staff are paid fairly and treated with respect.

Why is this important?

As former staff at the Lost Dog home, we were passionate about our jobs there, but after months of understaffing, low pay and lack of communication from management, we were left with no choice but to leave. Many other staff have also had to move on.

Many of our colleagues are still working at the Lost Dogs Home, stuck on a 2006 WorkChoices-era agreement that provides no penalty rates, whilst management stall the introduction of a new enterprise agreement. The staff care about their work there, but without penalty rates it's hard to attract weekend workers, leaving the shelter understaffed and the workers overloaded. Poor conditions are creating serious OH&S risks for staff.

They are at breaking point. Now they fear to speak out, for fear of retribution.

Lost Dogs Home board is aware of the problems the shelter is facing but has so far, refused to act. They must immediately:
- Introduce weekend penalty rates
- Meaningfully address all staff OH&S and work related stress concerns

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Reasons for signing

  • Because my mum is one of these workers and I see first hand the effects it has on her
  • The employees of the home are a fantastic, hard working and loving group of individuals. They deserve proper remuneration to reflect this!
  • The constant lose of many quality staff points to bad described in the news reports and by independent consultant reports. Keep the good staff who are still hanging in. Let members have a say. Don't let bad management decimate this wonderful 100+year old institution.


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Unfortunately, last night the board was re-elected. But the campaign got coverage on the ABC news, see it here:

We need to keep pushing to hold the board to account. Share the petition with your friends!

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