To: Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria

Make industrial manslaughter a crime

We call on Daniel Andrews to provide a safer Victoria and ensure no-one is above the law.

We call for legislation so negligent employers can be charged with industrial manslaughter when a person is killed at work.

Why is this important?

For more than 20 years, I've been attending sites where a worker has been killed. I've carried bodies out, cleaned up blood and consoled work mates. I've seen grown men in uncontrollable fits of tears and families devastated at unnecessary funerals.

And what makes it unbearable is that every one of these deaths was preventable. If more had been done, these men would still be alive and their families would still be together. If there were significant consequences for big corporations that kill workers, then our workplaces would be safer. 

The good news is that there are ways to make our work sites safer. That's why I've started this petition, calling on Daniel Andrews to introduce Industrial Manslaughter laws here in Victoria. Laws that would punish big corporations where they have been negligent and force them to take safety seriously.

They send a clear message to corporations that their negligence can kill. By holding negligent employers to account, these laws will make our workplaces safer.

Queensland, the ACT, the UK and Canada are ahead of Victoria, with laws that mean negligent corporations and senior managers can be charged over the death of an employee. 26 people have been killed at work in the last year in Victoria. One death is too many and it's time for action.

It's not good enough that corporations and their senior officers can negligently cause the death of a worker and evade justice.

If you or someone you know has been affected by a workplace injury or death and feel distressed by the content on this page, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Reasons for signing

  • As a Reg Nurse, I too see many cases where people are injured at work. They go backward very rapidly financially and are soon forgotten by the world. It is wrong. No one should get injured at work, and no one should be left behind after the fact either. All of us need to be involved in this movement to call employers to account because we all deserve a fair go. Who knows who will next, or who will go to work in the morning and not come home.
  • Injured for life
  • My partner works in trade and has worked in very poor weather conditions that are not safe! Only because the boss needs the job done on time. This is not acceptable! No life is worth the money. "Better a thousand times careful than once dead." 🖤


2018-04-11 11:09:34 +1000

In the United Kingdom, a former UKIP candidate has been jailed for causing the death of a worker who was crushed in a trench.

There is no justice for the worker & his family, but at least this outrageous villain can't hurt anyone else.

It's time to value the lives of workers. It's time for industrial manslaughter laws in Victoria.

Read more about the story here:

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