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To: Raymond O'Flaherty, Metro Trains Melbourne CEO

Metro workers deserve a fair deal

Right now, Metro trains – the multinational company that runs our network – is trying to force Metro staff to accept unfair conditions that will weaken what should be sustainable train services and put at risk network safety and jobs for the future.

They’ve hired high-priced lawyers to drag workers through the courts, and prevent us from standing up together for fair pay, quality training systems and effective rostering.

Metro is focused on maximising profits at the expense of workers and commuters. They should prioritise the provision of a clean, safe, reliable train service for Victorians

Our train system is a vital service, not a piggy bank for investors to raid. Tell Metro to stop undercutting and devaluing the work of Metro staff - sign our petition to hold Metro to account!

Why is this important?

We are Metro rail workers who work long tireless hours every week to get commuters like you from A to B safely.

We care about commuters and we also think Metro should do better. We are fighting for a safe, reliable and sustainable transport system for the future.

Every day, thousands of Victorians rely on our train services to get to where you need to go – and then home safe to our families and communities. Victorians rely on the people who drive our trains, the station staff who keep you informed, and even the train signallers who keep our network running smoothly. We’re the people who keep Metro trains running, and we deserve a fair deal.


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