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To: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Michaelia Cash Must Resign

We cannot have the Liberal Party using Australian Federal Police resources as their political tool, sent after their rivals.

Michaelia Cash must go. If she doesn't, Malcolm Turnbull should sack her.

Why is this important?

The raid on the AWU last year was an outrageous abuse of power, an attack on democracy, and a waste of taxpayers money.

After spending days denying her office had anything to do with the AFP raids into AWU offices in Sydney and Melbourne, Michaelia Cash was caught out.

A staffer of the employment minister resigned after admitting to speaking to the media before the raids took place. Cash is now refusing to answer any questions about the incident in estimates. Earlier this year, she hid behind a whiteboard rather than facing the Australian public.

Cash needs to take responsibility and stand aside. She's go to go. Turnbull must go. This government must go.



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