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To: The Hon. Brad Hazzard, Minister for Health

Minister Hazzard, DON'T CUT PARAMEDICS' PAY!

In 2020, the NSW Government offered Paramedics a pay increase of 0%.

In 2021, the Government offered 1.04%—which amounts to a pay cut after inflation.

Minister Hazzard needs to commit to a 6% pay increase.

This increase would keep wages in line with inflation, pay for the scheduled superannuation increase, and recognise the extraordinary work Paramedics have done during the Pandemic.

Why is this important?

Paramedics have never been so exhausted or angry. Most work for more than twelve hours straight with no breaks.

More than 2 in every 3 Paramedics do not believe they are paid fairly.

This is not a fight that Paramedics are going to walk away from.

New South Wales, Australia

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2021-06-21 11:41:06 +1000

Today the needle started to shift. The NSW Government have announced they are walking back from the pitiful 1.04% offer and will be giving all public sector workers a 2.5% wage increase for 2021/22. The strength we are showing in solidarity is working. We all know that Paramedics deserve far more than 2.5%, so let's keep sharing this petition and get them fairer pay!

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