To: Scott Morrison

Morrison has to go

Scott Morrison has had nearly 3 years as Prime Minister, but when is he going to start acting like it?
He's had more than enough time to grow up and do his job, now we're sick of waiting.
Morrison is useless. He has to go.

Why is this important?

While bushfires ravaged the nation, Scott Morrison flew off to Hawaii for a holiday because “I don’t hold a hose mate”.

While aged care residents die for lack of adequate care, he dithers, delays and denies responsibility.

While Australia’s hotel quarantine arrangements are shown every day to be grossly inadequate, he continues to dodge blame despite quarantine being a federal government responsibility.

While at first he insisted Australia was ‘at the front of the queue’ for COVID vaccines, he’s now trying to blame the state for a mess of his own making, as the vast majority of us remain unvaccinated.

While he boasts about 'the economy' bouncing back, working people are increasingly stuck in unsafe, insecure work, and their wages are going backwards.

Australia can't take another term of this garbage. If you agree, and you want to do something about it, sign this petition.