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To: Monash City Council

Motion to publicly advocate for Newstart to be increased to the Henderson Poverty Line

Motion to publicly advocate for Newstart to be increased to the Henderson Poverty Line

We, residents of Australia, petition Monash City Council to note that the low rate of the Newstart Allowance is exacerbating poverty and homelessness and publically advocate in writing to the relevant federal ministers that Newstart be increased to the level of the Henderson Poverty Line.

Why is this important?

The maximum payment for Newstart (including Rent Assistance) is $343 per week, which is $173.99 per week below the Henderson poverty line. It is roughly 48% of the national minimum wage and has not been increased in real terms in 25 years.

Even the Business Council of Australia has advocated to the government that the low rate of Newstart presents a barrier to employment and risks entrenching poverty. Increasing Newstart would benefit local economies, by increasing the spending power of those on low incomes, whose extra funds would circulate through local businesses. It would also reduce the strain on Council community services assisting the growing number of people experiencing hardship.

Australian Unemployed Workers Union:

Reasons for signing

  • Poor people will still need to eat. I want this need to be addressed centrally. I don't want poor people to get their food money through theft and robbery.
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2019-07-30 23:44:12 +1000

30/07/19 Update: Monash City Council passed the motion! Initially I presented this petition on the 28th of May at a council meeting and there wasn't majority support for passing it, but through the hard work of Cr Josh Fergeus it has finally been passed. Other councillors who supported the motion include Paterson, McCluskey, Tsoi and Little. Raising Newstart would assist in reducing poverty in Australia and needs to happen asap. Thanks to everyone for signing and for your support :)

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