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To: Prime Minister of Australia the Hon Scott Morrison & the Minister for Communications, Cyber Security and the Arts the Hon Mr Paul Fletcher

Our culture is priceless, and we must preserve it.

The National Gallery of Australia (NGA), one of our most loved cultural institutions and home to our country’s most treasured artworks, is under threat.

Government cuts are making it impossible for The Gallery to collect, restore and exhibit the very best of Australian and international art.

Will you help Save our National Gallery?

Why is this important?

Over the past decade, our national cultural institutions have been starved of funding.

With government funding being reduced every year because of the efficiency dividend combined with rising utility and maintenance costs; The Gallery has been left with no choice but to cut staff. Recently announcing they would have to cut 12% of their staff in 2020 – that will result in thirty workers losing their job.

Understaffing was already a significant issue after a 10% staffing cut in 2016. These funding cuts have also greatly impacted The Gallery’s ability to collect and record Australia’s cultural heritage and have resulted in reduced services and access for the Australian community.

Please sign our petition calling on the Government to protect our National Gallery and stop further job cuts.

For a long time, both sides of politics have gouged money from the Gallery, and our other cultural institutions, ignoring the devastating impacts.

This is devastating for workers who do their best to deliver exciting exhibitions and tell the stories of our nation.

Our beloved Gallery, and all our national cultural institutions, need to be protected.

Reasons for signing

  • A government who does not support the creative arts but can spent millions on the rorted community sports grants has no soul.
  • The arts have always been a soft target for right wing political elites. If you want to see how the arts should be treated then look to France where the arts are central to their culture and the very reason why so many people visit that country. European peoples respect and love their artists, our politicians do not.
  • Firstly, a National Gallery is important to protect and preserve our own cultural heritage as well as show us another side to life. Cutting jobs at this time, when we are suffering huge job losses, and being implored to spend to keep the economy going, does not make sense.


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