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To: South Australian Premier Steven Marshall

Our trains and trams: NOT FOR SALE

Our trains and trams: NOT FOR SALE

At the South Australian State election you said you did not have a "privatisation agenda", but now you want to privatise train and tram services.

South Australia's trains and trams do not belong to you, they belong to the people.  And the people of South Australia have not given you permission to privatise them.

The only reason a private company would want to run trains and trams is to make money out of them.  That money will come at the expense of services, safety and local jobs. This will have a negative impact on people who rely on public transport - including children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

That's why I am calling on you to stop this privatisation and to keep South Australia's train and tram services in public hands.

Why is this important?

The South Australian Government has announced that it intends to privatise the Adelaide Metro train and tram service

Privatising our rail and tram services means higher prices, fewer services and reduced safety. It puts private profit before the travelling public and their safety.

South Australia’s rail and tram services belong to the people, not to Premier Steven Marshall or Transport Minister Stephan Knoll. In fact, Mr Steven Marshall went to the 2018 election claiming that he didn't have a privatisation agenda.

Mass transit services should be run by the people, for the people – not for the profits of overseas companies and their shareholders.

The solution to better public transport is investment in infrastructure and commitment to services. We need a real plan to grow public transport in South Australia, and to keep our services in public hands.


Reasons for signing

  • I am nit aware of a single instance of privatisation delivering better services or reducing costs; not a one. Services always decline and costs always go up; always.
  • Public transport must serve the citizens in South Australia. Privatisation of Trains and Trams in Adelaide reduces frequency and capacity. A private transport company for Trains and Trams are only interested in making profits, causing fares to increase significantly. Adelaide is the most car dependent city and has the cheapest parking. Our rail network works completely fine under public ownership. Get train services to the Barossa Valley and other regional areas. No O'bahn extensions!
  • Private companies will not run the network as a charity, and fares will only rise


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Over 100 public transport workers and supporters crammed int the Cumberland Park Community Centre in Adelaide to launch the Our Trains and Trams Not for Sale campaign.

The campaign will involve a public petition, advertising and ongoing actions to highlight the negative impacts of privatising tram and tram services. Get on board and let's keep South Australia's trains and trams in public hands!

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