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To: Victorian Minister for Mental Health, Martin Foley & Victorian Minister for Disability, Aging and Carers, Luke Donnellan

Free Parking for Essential Workers!

City Councils in Melbourne have agreed to provide waivers for any healthcare worker needing to park nearby a hospital for the time being! We are continuing to lobby hospitals to provide free on-site parking for workers, to allow for social distancing commuting to and from work.

Members of the Health and Community Services Union call on the State Government to ensure the safety of HACSU members and other essential workers by providing free parking. Social distancing measures are crucial to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is particularly important given HACSU members are most often working in hospitals and other workplaces that house people with existing health vulnerabilities.

To protect both workers and ensure the safety of people with disabilities and other preexisting health issues, the entire workforce must be provided with a safe way to travel to work, while socially distancing - and not bearing the cost.

Why is this important?

The State Government must take action now to ensure that essential workers are safe, while travelling to work and prevent further spread of this pandemic virus through the workforce.

These measures have already been taken by Melbourne City Council who have advised that all parking fees on council property (street parking), will be suspended for hospital workers until 30/04/2020. This measure should be rolled out across the State, as well as be implemented in on-site, hospital-run car parks.

While other protective measures remain important, this is a simple, preventative measure that can be taken immediately by Government, to ensure the safety of thousands of Victorians.


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