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To: Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Pay Early Educators and Keep Centres Viable!

Pay Early Educators and Keep Centres Viable!


Early childhood education and care is an essential service. When we shut down, Australia shuts down.

My centre is facing a crisis. Parents are being forced to withdraw their children because of COVID-19. Soon I will not have enough money to pay my staff. You have told us to prepare for the next six months. At this, rate my centre can’t survive three weeks - let alone six months.

There is no early childhood education and care without educators. I am a passionate educator. I want to pay my staff, but if I pay them my centre will go under. My educators will leave and we will shut down. And it’s not just me, some of the largest employers in the sector are facing the same dilemma - pay staff, or go under.

Why is this important?

Our sector is at crisis point.

Despite the global pandemic we are facing, we risk our health every day to go to work. We are essential workers. Without us businesses will close, families will lose their incomes, and vulnerable children will lose their support. You can help protect us now. Provide us with the hand-held temperature scanners that are being used in Singapore to check children’s temperature before they enter the centre.

Announce a comprehensive plan to ensure early childhood educators will continue to be paid throughout the pandemic.
Provide us with temperature scanners.
Announce funding to keep centres viable and allow them to provide additional leave to their workforce.

We are doing our bit. It is time for you to do your bit. We can look after the economy and community, but only if you look after us.

Tamika Hicks
Early Educator

Reasons for signing

  • My teen son with no experience or qualifications who started working at a factory line earns more per hour then what I make as a diploma qualified educator. That's how bad our pay rate is
  • Respect for education workers
  • I work in a small school and Kinder with my children consisting of there siblings , my daughter is at a high risk . Don’t want to risk her life.


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