To: Horsham Rural City Council Mayor & Councillors

Protect Aged and Disability Services in Horsham

The Horsham Rural City Council has an agenda item 15.1 on Monday relating to the outsourcing of Home and Community Care.

We are disappointed to learn that council has continued with the process to outsource its aged and disability support services and shocked that this has occurred with minimal community consultation after a decision had been made to outsource.

Please use the form to email our Mayor and let them know you are not happy to sell off our vulnerable residents.

Why is this important?

We can’t forget about our older community members. They deserve to be cared for and looked after. Some are not fortunate to have family or friends to advocate on their behalf.

The aim of home and community care services like Meals on Wheels, assistance with showering, shopping and cleaning is to keep the older members of our community in their own home and out of aged care facilities.

Many other councils throughout Victoria have privatised and outsourced these services. And those who deliver these services are some of the lowest paid workers predominately female workers.

We as a community cannot afford for these services to be privatised.