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To: Phillip Thompson OAM MP

Protect local jobs in Defence

We are calling on Phillip Thompson MP to protect and restore public service jobs in Townsville.

We want to keep public service jobs in regional communities.

Why is this important?

The work of civilians in Defence is critical to the success of our Defence force.

APS workers at Lavarack Barracks and Townsville RAAF, have faced job cuts, outsourcing of jobs and essential skills have been lost with positions not being filled.

The LNP have been cutting jobs from existing regional locations and using their outdated staffing caps as an excuse to take people's jobs and close down important regional offices.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition to Mr Thompson when CPSU delegates and organiser we meet with him on Wednesday 9th October.

Reasons for signing

  • Too many job cuts in the past few years
  • Some of my pool clients are in defence


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