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To: Senator Michaelia Cash - Attorney General and Minister for Industrial Relations


Qantas cabin crew have always been there in times when our nation has needed us: Cyclone Tracy, the Bali bombings, in the aftermath of September 11, and bravely volunteering for the frontline flights to bring home stranded Australians from covid hotspots, before vaccinations were even available.

Now, we are fighting for our livelihoods. Qantas has applied to terminate our enterprise agreement – which would slash our hourly rate by an average of 40%. Some crew stand to have their hourly rate cut by as much as 65%. The majority of crew would not be able to survive on this and would have to leave the aviation industry after decades of loyalty to Qantas.

If we lose our agreement, our rest periods would be slashed too – in some cases after working the world’s longest flight routes, our rest breaks would be halved. As aviation’s first responders, we need to be well-rested to be able to respond to emergencies and keep our passengers safe.

Please sign this petition calling on the Attorney General and Minister for Industrial Relations, Senator Michaelia Cash, to intervene and tell Qantas to return to the table to negotiate a fair agreement.

Why is this important?

Qantas is telling media they have no choice but to dissolve our agreement because we would not agree for all cabin crew to work on different aircraft. This is not at all true – we would welcome this opportunity with the right training.

The truth is, Qantas tried to pressure cabin crew into signing a new agreement that would devastate our personal lives and prevent us spending decent time with our families.

Qantas wanted to double the amount of ‘standby’ time in our rosters – which means we can be called in at 90 minutes notice for long periods away from home. It would mean we could not effectively manage our rest between shifts. We would not be able to plan our lives, make childcare arrangements, or book medical appointments. Some of us are primary carers, single or sole parents, and have caring responsibilities for elderly relatives.

We told Qantas we were prepared to negotiate a fair solution to this, but management put the agreement out to vote instead. Unsurprisingly, 97% of crew voted no – which Qantas is now using against us to falsely argue that an agreement cannot be reached.

Throughout the pandemic, Qantas has received more taxpayer welfare than any other company to support it to pay workers’ wages. This includes $856 million in JobKeeper and the lion’s share of a $320 million package to ensure international operations are ready to return to the skies, including keeping on experienced crew.

Last year, Qantas outsourced its entire ground crew – sacking 2500 workers illegally, as found by the Federal Court. Now, it is using gun-to-head tactics to force cabin crew to sacrifice our family lives or else lose around half our pay.

It’s time for the Federal Government to act. Sign here to call on the Attorney General to intervene and protect our jobs, pay and conditions, and passenger safety.


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I am absolutely devastated about what is happening. I don't think it's fair and I will be voting accordingly to how the government responds.

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