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To: Australian Electoral Commission

Protect the Eureka flag!

The Eureka flag is a rebel flag. No political party should be allowed to use this flag as its logo. Don't let a right-wing, fringe group steal the flag of working people in this country.

Why is this important?

The right-wing fringe group, the Australia First Party, want to use the Eureka flag as their political party logo. We can't let this happen.

The Eureka flag has been used as a symbol of the trade union movement since the 19th century. It flies at trade union rallies and is permanently raised at union buildings across the country. Working people wear the Eureka symbol on their union shirts and uniform every day. There is an undeniable link between the flag and the Australian trade union movement.

The trade union movement is built on the values of fairness and equality for all working people, and we reject racism and intolerance in all its forms.

No political party should be allowed to use this flag, particularly one that doesn't represent our values.

UPDATE: Despite a tidal wave of objections, the Australian Electoral Commission has ruled that the right-wing, fringe group "Australia First" can use the Eureka Flag. Labor Federal Member for Ballarat, Catherine King, has now tabled legislation in Parliament to officially protect this important flag from use by political parties.

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You can read the full story here:

2016-06-14 10:58:42 +1000

The Eureka flag has been saved … but only for now.

Almost 1,000 people like you signed the petition demanding the Australian Electoral Commission stop the right-wing fringe group, Australia First Party, from using the Eureka flag as their political logo for this federal election.

The Australian Electoral Commission has said that the right-wingers can’t use the Eureka flag, but only because of a technical issue: they didn’t give enough prior warning before the election. They can reapply to use the Eureka flag again if they want.

So the Eureka flag has been saved for now. But we will need to have this fight again soon.

Can you ask your workmates, friends and family to sign the petition to protect the Eureka flag?

The Eureka flag is a flag of rebellion and protest, but is also deeply intertwined with the proud history of the Australian union movement. We need to be ready to protect the important piece of our cultural heritage so please ask your mates to sign here.

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