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To: Scott Morrison

Declare the “Proud Boys” a Terrorist Organisation in Australia

Scott Morrison isn't doing nearly enough to curtail the rise of hate groups. Not only is he ignoring dangerous conspiracy theorists in his party, but far right extremism in Australia is going unchecked.

Canada has just declared the 'Proud Boys' a terrorist organisation and we think Australia needs to do the same. Scott Morrison must declare the 'Proud Boys' a terrorist organisation, and signal that groups like this that preach hate are not okay.

Why is this important?

In the past week we’ve seen people in ‘Proud Boys’ gear at the Invasion Day rally clashing with protesters and 38 young white men in the Grampians spouting racist slogans, wearing Nazi symbols and doing Nazi salutes.

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation revealed recently that 40% of its priority case load involved right-wing extremist groups, up from 10-15% before 2016.

These groups cannot remain unchecked – Scott Morrison must declare the ‘Proud Boys’ a terrorist organisation.

Reasons for signing

  • Disgusting and dumb group of peoeple
  • Will help to quell terrorism I hope.
  • This country and its leaders need to do more to stop hate groups and extremism and conspiracy theories getting publicity and traction.


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