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To: The Andrews Government

We need mentally safe workplaces

All workers deserve to be safe at work – this means safety from both physical and psychological hazards. But in Victoria, there are no specific regulations around psychological health. We call on the Victorian Government to introduce strong OHS regulations to better control psychological risks so that Victorian workers have safer workplaces.

Why is this important?

More Victorian workers are suffering psychological injury from mentally unsafe workplaces. This includes stress, bullying and harassment and workplace violence.

In Victoria’s OHS laws, there are clear regulations around physical hazards – when a physical risk is identified there are clear steps on how to fix it. This is not the case with psychological health.

There are no regulations on how employers should deal with psychological risks in the workplace. When 1 in 5 Victorian workers suffer from a mental injury every year, this isn’t good enough.

Our regulations make it easy for bosses to sweep psychological hazards under the rug while more and more workers suffer from psychological injuries. This needs to stop.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

The Andrews Government's announcement to introduce psychological regulations is the first step. We need to make sure the proposed regulations are strong enough to protect workers from psychological hazards in the workplace.

We call on Daniel Andrews to introduce strong OHS regulations so there are clear controls on psychological health hazards, including:

- A new regulation to require employers to take psychological hazards just as seriously as physical hazards
- A requirement for employers to notify exposure to psychosocial hazards
- A requirement for employers to use the hierarchy of control in controlling hazards and making it applicable to all hazards and risks, including psychological.

The Andrews government has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make work safer for everyone.

These reforms will change lives and save lives.

Sign the petition today.

Victoria, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • Mentally healthy work places are essential for the future of Australia
  • Because some people are only motivated to behave decently if there is a Law or a Fine to control them - this includes the employers who allow hazards to continue.
  • There needs to be more done in workplaces to support workers. Resilience training can be useful as treating psychological harm, but preventative training is less common.


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