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To: ABC Managing Director - Michelle Guthrie

Q&A - No Platform for Misogyny.

Waterstreet is OFF the QandA panel!

Charles Waterstreet, lawyer, alleged sexual harasser, and inspiration for the TV show 'Rake', can not be given a platform on the February 15th Q&A Panel discussing #MeToo.

ABC Managing Director Michelle Guthrie must intervene and remove this well-known sexist from the panel. He should be removed to make way for public survivors or survivor advocates.

Why is this important?

It is inappropriate for a renowned misogynist and alleged sexual harasser to be on a panel discussing #MeToo - a movement dedicated to detailing and validating women's experiences of sexual harassment.

Waterstreet was accused last year of showing a video of himself with other women performing a sexual act, to a 21-year-old law student, who was applying for a paralegal position. Two other women have come forward since the story broke, with similar stories.

Australia is not immune from Weinstein-style sexual harassment in the entertainment industry, and the #MeToo campaign demonstrates that rampant sexism is very much alive and well throughout the community.

Not only is it baffling that any man would be given the opportunity to explain to women what sexual harassment is, the fact that such a well known harasser of women is given a platform is disgusting.

As our national broadcaster, the ABC must do better. We need to elevate the voices of public survivors and survivor advocates. Their lived experiences need to be heard on this panel.

Read more in today's Guardian here:


Reasons for signing

  • Men like Waterstreet have for too long had a platform and we all know too well what attitudes like his entail. The ABC will obviously have invited him to provide 'balance' and to no doubt stir up controversy for subsequent click-bait. This is no way to progress discussion and frankly exposes Q&A's inappropriate approach to public debate.
  • This is utterly tone deaf programming from the ABC.
  • Having this man on is done for ratings and to get a heated argument going. It will not help the #metoo cause with this plot!


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