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To: Government of Victoria

Quicker, Better Decisions for Injured Workers

The Victorian Government has called a review into the powers of the Accident Compensation Conciliation Service (ACCS).

Presently the ACCS only offers conciliation. If the parties do not agree upon a resolution, the only way for injured workers to achieve justice is through the Court system. Emboldened by this knowledge large insurance companies deliberately hold off on settling. The expense and delay of the running a legal dispute in the Courts means that the majority of workers in this system, many already suffering the dual hits of a loss of income and ongoing health effects as a result of their workplace injury, never receive the benefits to which they are entitled.

The Victorian Trades Hall Council (VTHC) is calling upon the Government to give this body powers to resolve disputes by ordering insurance companies to pay out, allowing injured workers to quickly and efficiently receive compensation in the event that conciliation is unsuccessful.

Will you support our submission calling for these changes?

Why is this important?

It isn't easy being an injured worker.

We think it should be a lot easier.

The system that is set up to protect and support you is often more stressful and can do more damage to your wellbeing than the injury itself.

The process is made much worse when your employer's insurer is constantly trying to push back on what you feel you are entitled to.

Currently, the service which is supposed to help resolve these issues, the Australian Compensation Conciliation Service (ACCS), can only try to help two parties reach an agreement. If the insurance companies won't put a reasonable offer on the table, the injured worker must go to court to seek justice. 

We think that the ACCS should be able to resolve disputes by ordering insurers to pay up, allowing injured workers to quickly and efficiently receive compensation in the event that conciliation is unsuccessful.

Reasons for signing

  • to save anyone from going through the terrible im still going through 14 years later
  • I signed this petition because this resonated with my own story - albeit, with WorkCover instead. I was a teacher, then a school principal for over 35 years. I left the education system due to extreme stress. Despite my doctor urging me to lodge a WorkCover claim, I knew that the process would only exacerbate the stress to the detriment of my health.
  • Fight for fairness or bend over...


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