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To: Inghams Management in WA

Reinstate workers at Inghams

We, the undersigned, stand in support of UWU members who have been terminated late last week and this afternoon, we call on Inghams to reinstate them immediately.

We call on Inghams to show some compassion to our co-workers and acknowledge that on occasion, human errors happen. Any one of us could make a mistake and instead of sacking members who made a mistake, there are other actions that could be taken. We understand the responsibility we have for food safety and this incident highlights the need for good systems and processes as well as regular training and effective communication, our daily Toolbox meetings were helpful and a good example of this.

Why is this important?

It is important to UWU members that Inghams treat workers fairly and with compassion. Workers at Inghams pride themselves in their work and the chicken they produce. They ask that Inghams recognise the intensity of the work and act accordingly.


Reasons for signing

  • Managing by fear and intimidation is wrong. Compassion and unity builds a strong and committed workforce.
  • even angel made mistake


2021-02-03 19:43:33 +1100

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