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To: State and Federal Ministers: Sonia Hornery, Jodie Harrison, Jenny Aitchison, Clayton Barr, Kate Washington, Tim Crakanthorp, Dan Repacholi, Sharon Claydon, Pat Conroy, Meryl Swanson, Greg Piper

Remember Your Origin

We call on our state and federal ministers, as well as Origin Energy, to look after the community that has looked after them.
We urge you to take all possible steps to maintain Centennial's viability and the jobs of thousands of workers at Myuna and Mandalong.

Why is this important?

As the contract between Origin Energy, Centennial's Myuna and Mandalong mines, and the government approaches its expiration in June 2024, we call on Origin and our local state and federal representatives to remember your origins in Lake Macquarie! 

Origin Energy's Eraring power station is vital, supplying about 20% of all NSW power, primarily thanks to the work from nearby Myuna and Mandalong mines. This localised supply chain not only maximises efficiency but also minimises environmental impact. Transporting coal over shorter distances reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and the resources from Myuna and Mandalong are known to produce lower sulphur emissions compared to other sites, further mitigating environmental harm.

The decision to renew this contract is not merely a business transaction but a pivotal environmental and community safeguard. The Myuna mine, configured exclusively to supply Eraring, cannot divert its coal elsewhere without significant logistical and financial burdens. Without contract renewal, the risk of job losses looms large for up to 1,000 Centennial employees, and it could also impact the state's power supply.

Therefore, it is imperative that the government ensures the contract's renewal, especially the supply from Myuna and Mandalong. This action will secure local jobs, promote environmental benefits, and maintain stability in NSW's energy infrastructure.
Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia

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