To: Jill Hennessy MP, Minister for Health

It’s time for the Victorian State Government to #RespectPublicDentistry so everyone can smile

The funding system for public sector dental care in Victoria is in crisis, waiting lists are getting longer and recruitment and retention of dentists is a persistent problem..

Why is this important?

Good oral health is vitally important to the wellbeing of all people especially the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged. These groups rely heavily on support from dentists in the public sector but the funding just isn’t enough to tackle the huge waiting lists in Victoria.

Let Jill Hennessy MP know everyone deserves a healthy smile and access to quality oral health care. Urge her to meet with a delegation of public sector dental employees who are on the front lines every day. They provide care complex to patients every day, many of whom have experienced displacement, trauma, abuse and violence and who suffer from mental health, alcohol and drug issues.


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