To: Premier Daniel Andrews

Respect TAFE teachers – don’t cut conditions

As a proud TAFE teacher, I go over and above for my students.

That’s why it hurts that Premier Daniel Andrews wants to cut working conditions for me and my colleagues.

75 percent of TAFE teachers are on short term contracts or are casual.

Now Daniel Andrews wants to increase our teaching hours by almost 20 percent. Increasing teaching hours would mean TAFEs need fewer teachers, which could lead to job losses.

Slashing TAFE teacher conditions directly undermines the quality of education and training students receive. We deserve better than this, and so do our students.

Please join me by telling the Premier to respect and value TAFE teachers.

Why is this important?

Daniel Andrews was elected after promising to save TAFE, and I believed him. I trusted the Andrews Government to rebuild our TAFE system.

The privatisation of Victoria’s education and training system by previous Labor and Liberal governments has gutted public TAFE who are forced to compete with dodgy private training providers who cut corners at student’s expense.

Under the Baillieu/Napthine Liberal Government, more than 3000 TAFE teachers were sacked and $1.2 billion of funding was slashed from the sector.

The Premier has promised to make Victoria the ‘education state’, but you can’t have that by slashing teacher conditions and expecting to get education and training on the cheap.

Victoria still has the lowest paid TAFE teachers in the country. Our TAFEs are the lowest-funded of any state. And it’s the students who are suffering.

Please sign the petition and tell Daniel Andrews to support TAFE.

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Reasons for signing

  • The changes made under the Bailleu/Napthine government made my job in adult education untenable. So much damage was done and so many experienced staff were lost both in TAFE and other adult education sectors, it will take many years to recover. It seems to be the cycle that while Liberal governments slash services, the Labour government wrings their hands but does nothing to restore them. No one will work in a system that gives neither economic rewards or job satisfaction.
  • Believe that exacting assessment procedures well designed by technically competent qualified teachers required to facilitate development of technical work skills.
  • I had studied at a TAFE and had a very fulfilling and satisfactory experience there while finishing my course. The key ingredient at a TAFE that you study at are the whole group of teachers that organize the classes and teach about the learning materials.


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