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To: Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan

SA educators demand pay certainty during SA lockdown!

SA educators demand pay certainty during SA lockdown!

SA educators call on Mr Tehan to immediately extend support to SA services to protect educators' pay and jobs NOW!

Why is this important?

Educators are essential workers, and yet are some of the lowest paid in the country. Educators in SA cannot afford to lose pay for even a week.

That's why SA educators are demanding their pay and jobs are guaranteed during the SA lockdown!

Early education was the only sector specifically kicked off JobKeeper, and with no ongoing federal support, educators are left uncertain if they will be paid during the lockdown announced yesterday in South Australia.

Thousands of educators are facing terrible uncertainty, with no indication how their jobs will be affected if restrictions continue.

During its second wave lockdown, Victorian early childhood services were supported by a Federal Government relief and recovery package, with educators’ jobs and wages protected through an employment guarantee.

SA educators call on Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan to immediately confirm federal assistance will be extended to all early childhood services and educators affected by the South Australian lockdown.

SA educators need support NOW!

Mira Ghamrawi
SA Early Childhood Educator


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