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To: Victorian Upper House

Ratios Save Lives

Legislated ratios are a safety net that allow us to provide safe, quality care for our patients.

That's why we're calling on Victorian Upper House Liberals, Nationals, Greens and crossbenchers to improve nurse and midwife/patient ratios by passing the Safe Patient Care Amendment Bill unamended now.

This Bill will mean an additional 600 nurses and midwives in the public sector health system, caring for Victorian patients, mothers and babies . It makes our health system safer, and ensures we can provide Victorians with the quality care they need.

With only one sitting week left, it's vital that we pass this bill unamended now, before the government enters pre-election caretaker mode. This can only happen with the support of crossbenchers in the Upper House. Please sign the petition now to send them two messages – don’t amend and pass the Bill.

Why is this important?

Victoria was the second place in the world to have legislated nurse/midwife patient ratios after California. Now we need your help to improve ratios to make our health care system better for patients, families, nurses and midwives who work in our hospitals

Writing better ratios into law means that nurses and midwives will be able to deliver safer patient care. This isn't just about our health system in 2018 - it will future proof our health care system in Victoria as our state and the demand on health services continues to grow.

Nurses, midwives and patients can't wait - we need the unamended Bill passed now.


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