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To: Latrobe City Councilors

Save aged care at Latrobe City Council

In 2019 councilors at Latrobe City Council voted to privatise their aged care service by July 2022. There was no community consultation, it was done quietly, without accountability.

In light of federal changes to the aged care industry, the horrors of the private sector revealed by COVID-19 and the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, we want Latrobe councilors to pause this decision and any preparations to privatise council aged care and genuinely consult with the community - as required now under the Community Engagement Policy section 55 of the Local Government Act 2020.

Why is this important?

Since 2019 there have been local government elections which ushered in a new formation of councilors. Some of these did not vote to privatise council run aged care, but instead have been burdened with the responsibility.

Council aged care provides well trained, adequately paid, and trusted care to the elderly in the community. This means the community gets good continuity of care by skilled and permanent workers - exactly what they asked for in the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety! During Covid-19 this kind of care has been a life saver in comparison to the private sector. We must defend these services as best as we can for the future of all people in the valley, because at some point, everyone is going to need care.


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