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To: Steven Cain, Coles CEO

Save Coles meat workers jobs

Coles is threatening to end their in-store butchery service, putting the jobs of over one thousand meat workers at risk.

Coles will make a decision later in July about the future of our jobs. This is a stressful time for meat workers like me, many of whom have been meat workers with Coles for over 20 years. I myself have worked at Coles for 26 years and do not want to be redeployed into a different role at Coles.

We need your help to put pressure on Coles CEO Steven Cain and tell him to save Coles meat workers jobs. Add your name to the petition now!

Why is this important?

Right now, I'm one of more than 1500 meat workers employed by Coles across Australia - and all of our jobs are at risk under their plan to end the in-store butchery service.

Coles is saying that they will "redeploy" some of us into different roles. This isn't good enough.

We have invaluable industry knowledge and customers trust us. Whether we are meat managers, qualified butchers or cabinet attendants we know our cuts of meat and can assist customers.

The Coles restructure would result in de-skilling, and worse pay and conditions.

Stand with meat workers by adding your name to our petition to save our jobs!


Reasons for signing

  • Where will the meat packages come from n who will pack them on the shelves
  • The public has a right to know where their meat comes from and often need a specialist butcher to discuss options for cooking. Coles are responsible over the last 30 years for putting butchers shops out of business and now are attempting to kill of the butchers that have served them proudly for many years.
  • There are alot of loyal employees out there who have families and mortgages to pay . By doing this you are ruining someone's life.


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