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To: Katie Allen, Liberal candidate for Prahran

Save Safe Schools in Victoria

Katie Allen, Liberal candidate for Prahran, was a supporter of marriage equality, but is now a candidate for a party that wants to scrap safe schools and reintroduce conversion therapy.

LQBTQIA+ people and our allies call on Katie Allen to condemn Matthew Guy and the Liberal Party’s commitment to scrap safe schools today!

Equality doesn’t stop at marriage Katie – the community of Prahran deserves better than a Liberal candidate who isn’t willing to stand up for her community. The Liberal Party’s commitment to cutting Safe Schools is rolling the dice with young children’s lives and safety. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Public pressure works on politicians, which is why I need your help. Victorians overwhelmingly voted for equality during the plebiscite. Don’t let Katie Allen and the Liberals take away our children’s safety.

Why is this important?

Safe Schools saves lives. As a former teacher I constantly heard what the students were saying after class. You would hear kids making fun of “tr*nnies” and “fags”. You can see how isolated and vulnerable children become. But every single homophobic and transphobic remark is preventable.

Safe Schools is an anti-bullying program that gives teachers resources and training materials to ensure they can provide an inclusive environment for students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex.

Growing up feeling different or not belonging is something we can all relate to. But being constantly bullied, attacked or feeling isolated should and can be prevented. We need to protect Safe Schools that support students in creating respectful learning environments for them and their peers, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Everyone has the right to be safe and feel safe. Especially young adults figuring out where they fit in this confusing world.

We have seen in every state across this country, the Liberals obsession with LGBTIQA+ children. Katie Allen, Victorians in Prahran overwhelmingly voted for equality, its time you listen and leave Safe Schools alone. The community of Prahran deserves a candidate who is willing to stand up for their community.


2018-11-08 14:28:26 +1100

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