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To: The Owner of the John Curtin Hotel

Save the John Curtin Hotel

The John Curtin hotel is for sale and we need to save it from being turned into another soulless apartment block.

The Curtin is a vital landmark live music venue for emerging artists. Melbourne needs more live music spaces, not less.

The Curtin has also for 150 years been a second home and unofficial meeting place for the Victorian labour movement. There is not a Labor Prime Minister or Premier in modern memory who hasn't enjoyed a beer at the front bar. We don't want to see it turned into apartments by developers, we want it to remain as the iconic Melbourne pub that it is.

Why is this important?

The Curtin announced its forthcoming closure on Monday. The pub’s managers posted on Facebook that the landlord had decided to sell the almost 150-year-old building this year. We need to save this vital piece of Melbourne's cultural, community and political history.

This is an important live music venue. We've lost 16 live gig venues in Melbourne in the last 30 years and we can't allow another one to be picked off by a developer. Many of Melbourne’s old-established pubs, such as the Curtin, add cultural identity to the city and should be earmarked for preservation by the government.

29 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

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