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To: Tasmanian State and Federal Liberal Governments

Secure local government jobs NOW

Secure local government jobs NOW

Early this week we had grave concerns after both Liberal and Labor parties were advocating for rate relief for all in the community to help during the COVID-19 crisis. However, we all know that the crisis only deepens with more job losses, and rate relief without adequate government support will force local government to shed jobs.

The ASU, YOUR union, lobbied for, and secured, Labor’s updated position: that government must underwrite council workers jobs if there is rate relief.

Secondly, in Parliament Labor called for the State Government to guarantee every Local Government worker’s job.

Peter Gutwein is quoted in parliament as saying “Local government employ their own staff. I cannot give a guarantee … that those people will remain employed”

While he didn’t give any sort of guarantee, we know that Peter Gutwein doesn’t want to see council workers losing their jobs. He’s quoted again, saying “I [Mr Gutwein] can guarantee that we want to see them [council workers] remain employed and we will work with local government to ensure they can exercise their balance sheet and their operating statement in a way that they probably have not imagined up to this point that they ever would have to”.

While these are promising words from the Premier, we need a clear guarantee on your jobs.

To secure your job:
JOIN YOUR UNION and make sure your colleagues are doing the same. We’re stronger together.

SIGN THIS PETITION calling on the government to underwrite local government wages to ensure your continued employment.

Rest assured, the ASU is by your side and we’ll continue to campaign to ensure jobs in this vital sector are protected.

*The Labor Party media release is:

Why is this important?

COVID-19 is a public health crisis and local government councils have moved quickly to ensure safety and best health and social distancing practices they can on the information available.

They are positioning to support the community during and after these difficult times, and in the event of a shut-down of non-essential services.

Yesterday in the Parliament in response to Labor Opposition Leader Rebecca White’s calls, the Premier guaranteed that every State Government worker – including people in permanent, part time, casual and fixed-term contract positions – will keep their jobs and have their wages, conditions and average weekly earnings maintained into the future.

We need these commitments for local government and we need them now.

Extending these commitments to local government will ensure it will be there now and into the future to support the community, during this global pandemic with critical emergency response and essential services and to ensure there is a workforce maintained ready to respond with local government services when we start to recover. Who will provide relief to ratepayers? Where will our rubbish go? Who will sanitise the streets?

We call on the State Government to underwrite the necessary support by guaranteeing their commitments extend to all local government workers, permanent, part time, casual and fixed-term contract positions.

And we ask that they scream to their Federal Liberal party counterparts for wage subsidies for all workers, like we have seen across the globe. Wage subsidies are paid directly to employers on the strict proviso they keep people employed even if they are isolated at home during an essential shut-down.

While you are here, you can also sign the petition calling on the Australian Government to provide wage subsidies.

Workers desperately need these commitments, and we need them now.


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