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To: Qantas Board of Directors

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We, the undersigned Qantas workers, call on you to recognise the hard work of the Qantas staff that has delivered a record-breaking profit.

We reject the payment of bonuses for Executives and Senior Executives made solely on the basis of last year’s performance when our bonus is not.

We call on Qantas to pay the bonus to all Qantas staff NOW.

Why is this important?

Qantas has just announced a record pre-tax profit of $1.6 billion.

It’s the hard work of the Qantas staff that delivered record profits.

So how does Qantas recognise its dedicated workforce?

With a so-called ‘bonus’, most of which isn’t paid until AFTER Qantas workers sign up to new agreements.  For many, that is years away.

It’s only fair that we are paid the bonus promised to us – and paid it NOW.

Sign the petition NOW and tell the Qantas Board we won’t accept a delay. 

We want to be paid what’s been promised.


Reasons for signing

  • as retired long term staff im disgusted but not surprised by this greedy attempt at blackmailing current staff all who have gone above and beyond to achieve this profit
  • Corperate criminal action such as stealing funds from the company in the form of bonuses needs to stop
  • The unfairness that our hard work dealing with staff shortages, catering issues, IT inefficiencies, Unserviceable, faulty and badly designed equipment will not be recognised. We have maintained high NPS scores despite these shortcomings.


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