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To: Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce

SIGN: Qantas needs more call centre staff NOW

SIGN: Qantas needs more call centre staff NOW

We are calling on Qantas to fix the call centre wait time crisis that has seen wait times drag out to untenable levels, frustrating customers and exhausting staff.

Qantas should:

• Immediately employ 50 new employees at the Hobart call centre as a start;

• Make plans to bring the offshore call centres back to Australia, directly employed by Qantas, with proper training and quality control; and

• Re-employ the airport customer service staff they sacked during the pandemic to take pressure off call centres for customer issues that arise at the airport.

In recent years Qantas has cut hundreds of local call centre jobs and replaced them with offshore call centre contractors.

During the pandemic Qantas made in-airport customer service staff redundant, forcing customers at the airport to have to call the call centre to resolve issues.

Qantas received over a billion dollars of taxpayer money during the pandemic – they must support the community that supported them and invest in local jobs for better services.

Why is this important?

Short-staffing and high workloads are leaving Qantas call centre staff exhausted and are working beyond breaking point. For Qantas customers, wait times are stretching out to 4-5 hours, if not more.

Customers are understandably angry and call centre staff are unfairly bearing the brunt of this frustration.
There is only one way to fix this for customers and for workers alike – we need at least another 50 local call centre staff to handle the demand and reinvestment in airport customer service capacity and to reverse the off-shoring of local jobs

Sign the petition for more call centre and airport staff now!

Hobart TAS, Australia

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