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To: Curtin University

Stand Up Against the Curtin University Staff Cuts

On Monday the 31st of August, a consultation paper was released outlining Curtin University’s plans to reduce its staff bill by $41 million, with the first $11million coming from a deferral of staff pay increases next year and the rest coming from voluntary or forced redundancies.

The Guild calls on Curtin University to protect our lecturers, our tutors, and our wellbeing support and technical staff. Curtin must put education and people before buildings, and use their cash reserves to support what really matters.

Why is this important?

The Guild believes that universities should be places of learning and research first. Making cuts to valuable staff while investing millions into buildings in a time of crisis will only make our learning conditions worse. Curtin staff were stretched thin before and these changes will undoubtedly increase that pressure.

Curtin is planning to make the same number of staff redundant as we have seen over the last 5 years combined. Voluntary redundancies threaten the diversity and inclusivity of our university environment, they disproportionately affect women, people with disabilities, queer people and first nations people.

The Curtin Student Guild stands against cuts to our education. Students, staff and the quality of our education is always on the line when it comes to universities cutting costs, these areas should not face the consequences of Curtin University’s poor financial management and prioritisation of capital projects. We will not stand for this.

How it will be delivered

The Guild will be taking direct action with Curtin to ensure that we;
1. Oppose any mandatory and the voluntary staff redundancy schemes.
2. Fight to protect teaching, research and access to essential wellbeing support services.
3. Oppose plans to restructure schools, courses or units that adversely impact the integrity of our education.
4. Fight any move to introduce trimesters to accommodate the alignment of global teaching calendars as this will not benefit students.


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