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To: Samantha Ratnam, leader of the Victorian Greens

Stand Up for All Workers - Dump Maltzahn

Stand Up for All Workers - Dump Maltzahn

The Greens claim to be “standing up for what matters,” but Maltzahn’s regressive agenda puts people’s livelihood - and their lives - at risk.

Sign this petition to call on the Victorian Greens to do the right thing: dump Kathleen Maltzahn before it’s too late.

Why is this important?

For decades Kathleen Maltzahn has spearheaded anti-sex work activism, including the founding of Project Respect - a group that lobbies to extend police powers over sex workers, widely condemned by unions and workers.

Maltzahn will again contest the 2018 state election to be held in November this year, despite failed campaigns in 2010 and 2014. Her platform includes implementation of regressive laws that would expose sex workers to police raids and violate their safety at work.

Maltzahn’s radical policy agenda is championed by the far right within the Victorian Liberal party and supported by the Australian Christian Lobby.

Maltzahn stands completely at odds with member-endorsed Greens policy, which has long called for an end to the criminalisation of consensual adult sex work - a policy endorsed by the United Nations, Amnesty International, the World Health Organisation and workers rights groups across the world.

Recently Maltzahn was asked whether, if elected, she would vote with the Liberals on this issue. She refused to answer. When Maltzahn was asked by the ABC what she would do if this came before her in parliament, she stated, “I would vote with my conscience which would put me in conflict with my party.”

The same conservative groups that support her stance on this are calling to scrap transgender rights, ditch the Safe Schools program, ban sex education in schools and gut funding for LGBTIQ health programs. How can we trust Maltzahn to stand up for the issues we all care about if she holds the balance of power in state parliament?

Reasons for signing

  • Australia does not need the Swedish model anywhere, it's a proven failure that kills people, mostly the most vulnerable.
  • Very important to sign . Violence against workers. Kathleen Maltzahn. Politicians who do not represent what their party puts forth from their rankin file and contituants should be called to account this is just one of them


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