To: Rick Butler, Butler Market Gardens, and Coles supermarkets

Stand with Ratha! Stop #everydayracism and #everydaysexism

Stand with Ratha! Stop #everydayracism and #everydaysexism

Stop targeting Ratha! Stop #everydayracism and #everydaysexism

Why is this important?

Ratha works at Butler Market Gardens, a farm in Victoria that supplies Coles Supermarkets. She has been a casual worker for almost 10 years. Ratha has been standing up for Cambodian casual workers in her workplace. She has stood up against the unfair treatment of the Cambodian casual workers including unfair rosters. She stood up against a supervisor bullying non-English speaking workers demanding that they work in silence.

Ratha is one of the few workers confident to speak English and to stand up for her rights and the rights of other migrant workers in this workplace. Her boss is now trying to punish and maybe even sack Ratha for her courage.

We need to send her boss a message that strong migrant women who stand up against unfair bullying behaviour and defend the rights of other migrant workers should be protected not targeted. We are asking you to support Ratha and help protect her job.

Tell Rick Butler that #everydaysexism and #everydayracism will not be tolerated and don’t sack Ratha for standing up for her rights and rights of other migrant workers.