To: Lululemon

Stop Lululemon's unethical treatment of factory workers

There have been reports from the Guardian in the last week that workers producing Lululemon items at factory in Bangladesh face physical violence and verbal abuse at the hands of their managers!

No matter where you work you should not ever experience violence at work.

Lululemon are trying to shift blame on to the Youngone Corporation who own the factory. But that isn't good enough.

If Lululemon were actually ethical young female workers in there supply chain wouldn't be hit and verbally attacked while at work.

Lululemon must ensure that their supply chain workers are treated fairly and the physical violence and verbal abuse comes to an end.

Why is this important?

The factory is owned and run by the Youngone Corporation, which supplies Lululemon. Youngone workers allege that:

•Factory workers who break any rules or leave earlier than expected are verbally abused by management and hit. Some said they had been made to work despite ill-health
•Some labourers are paid 9,100 taka a month (£85) – less than the price of one pair of their leggings, which sell for as much as £138.50. The sum is well below the 16,000 taka unions have been demanding and falls far short of living wage estimates
•They are forced to work overtime to hit targets, saying they sometimes felt immense pressure not to leave their work stations

One worker said “I was sick, so one day I left work at 5pm but I informed the line supervisor. He told his bosses I left without telling anyone and the next day, when I went to work, the technician in charge of my line slapped me. He slapped me so hard my cheeks turned red and everyone asked me what happened. I couldn’t tell them the actual story.

This isn't okay - Lululemon must treat their workers with the respect they deserve!