To: Premier Daniel Andrews and Disability Minister Martin Foley.

Protect Disability Care

Protect Disability Care

* Keep your election promise and reverse the privatisation of public disability
* Guarantee job security and wages and conditions for Victorian public disability workers
* Minimise impacts and disruption on workers and clients from any changes resulting from transition to the NDIS
* Ensure ongoing quality service provision through better quality service safeguards and training for staff

Why is this important?

What is the government doing?
The Victorian Labor Government has announced an Expression of Interest (EOI) process for the provision of the Victorian public disability services. Taking the next step toward privatisation of the sector. The Labor Government’s privatisation agenda is a breach of the Labor Party platform, and a broken election promise.

What does this mean for workers?
There are currently over 5000 public disability workers who are already very low paid, privatising these jobs will see wages cut by up to 30% and huge cuts to conditions and a loss of job security. The disability workforce is dominated by hard working women, who have fought for many years to win important protections offered by the public sector EBA.

What does this mean for people with a disability who live in public services?
This will mean that current residents of Victorian public disability services will HAVE NO CHOICE but to be moved into the private/not for profit sector, where there is a higher turn around of staff, much less supervision, less support and less funding.

The private/ngo sector at a glance:
Award wages
No minimum shift length
No minimum hours required in permanent contracts
Minimum maternity leave provisions
No EBA Health and Safety protections
No discipline processes
No family violence leave
No recognition of qualifications
No career structures

How it will be delivered

We will demand a meeting with the Premier, Daniel Andrews, to deliver the petition and speak about what privatisation will mean for workers, people with disabilities, and the community

Reasons for signing

  • To protect the people with a disabilty from profit driven services. Also Mr Andrews and Foley will you tell my family we can't afford to go on holidays or that l can not spend time with my kids as a result of reduced leave entitlements. To do this to a dedicated workforce is not a true Labor value, shame on all Labor members for letting this happen
  • To stop this disgraceful decision by the Andrew's Government. Surely the union can lobby Labor party members to put pressure on the Government to reverse this decision. This is not in the Labor party DNA to privatise and hurt the worker. Lost my families votes and the many Facebook friends my family and there social network have will soon be made aware of this via social media- watch the message spread then Mr Andrews and your Yes men!!!!
  • My family and l have been traditional labor voters for over 60 years and we voted for Daniel Andrews and his government believing his promise to not go through with privatisation. No more after listening first hand to his leis my family will no longer vote Labor. This issue is also building momentum in the community and Andrews and his " Yes men" are fools if they believe the community are angry and ready to vote them out- watch this space!!!!


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