To: Curtin University

Stop the Curtin Trimonster

We are calling on Curtin University to withdraw its proposal to introduce Trimesters, cut our tuition free week and cut our study week before exams. Curtin must engage with students and their representatives to provide for genuine consultation about this proposal.

Why is this important?

Curtin University has sneakily unveiled a plan in the middle of exams to introduce Trimesters. This plan would see Curtin Students lose a tuition free week each semester as well as their study week or teaching week before exams. All this so they can squeeze in a whole extra semester each year.

These proposals would see students and staff under more pressure, with less time for study and assessments. Less time to work and support their families and puts students receiving Centrelink, Private Health and Transperth concessions at risk amongst numerous other problems.

We all deserve a quality education and this proposal will result in the exact opposite.

Stop the Trimonster. Save our Semesters.

Reasons for signing

  • The proposal of a trimester is ridiculous. People find the short study time given before exams limited enough without then removing it entirely.
  • I'm transferring to Murdoch if Curtin goes to trimesters
  • Because the change will affect the study life, work life and social/domestic life of all students negatively. ie, Less time to study/complete assessments, less time to work and thus earn money to support education & social life and less time to spend with families and friends, etc


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