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To: EMILIO DE LORSO, Della Rosa Managing Director

Stop the threats & harassment

End the culture of bullying and harassment at Della Rosa and stop the racist threats against workers.

Why is this important?

Workers at Della Rosa have come forward about wage theft and bullying and harassment.

From a recent SBS report: “...we were bullied by our seniors to not speak to anyone regarding poor working conditions and systematic underpayment. We were threatened that we would be out of work if we didn’t toe the line.”

After several attempts to resolve widespread wage theft by the NUW, we are taking the fight for workers wages to the next level. Soon, NUW members will go to the Federal Court of Australia, with our legal representatives at Maurice Blackburn, to seek stolen wages for a group of Della Rosa workers to the tune of over $600,000.

But there is another problem at Della Rosa in Melbourne's northern suburbs. Migrant workers have told the union they have been bullied and harassed. Workers say they are shouted and their jobs are threatened. Workers say management targets them based on where they come from or what visa they are on, that they are threatened if the speak up.

The problem must be fixed from the top. Emilio de Lorso can fix this problem. He can weed out threatening and racist behaviour and put an end to it. The community is now watching to see that workers have a safe and discrimination-free workplace.

A group of NUW members have broken their silence, read more at SBS news here:

How it will be delivered

In person to Della Rosa HQ

Reasons for signing

  • In solidarity with these workers - they deserve their wages and a safe place to work.
  • To stop harassment at jobs
  • Unions are the only real protection for workers.


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