To: Malcolm Turnball

Stop the War on Young People, WE DESERVE BETTER!

Malcolm, the young people of Australia deserve better from their government!
The party and government you lead have done nothing but wage war with young people. You took away our penalty rates, continue to lock us out of the housing market all while charging us more for less for our Education.

Why is this important?

The National Union of Students is the peak representative body of Higher Education Students in Australia. Time and time again The liberal government and Malcolm Turnball continue to attack students. In 2017 they removed penalty rates, young people rely on penalty rates and weekend work to make ends meet. Housing and rent prices are skyrocketing, which continues to force young people into financial hardship. In 2018, the continued cuts to higher education will continue, already this government has tried to lower the repayment threshold, cut funding from Unis and support services to students.