To: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Stop Turnbull’s PaTH to Poverty

Everyone deserves a secure job, even young people like me.

Let’s be real. You are replacing fully paid jobs with taxpayer-paid $4 an hour positions for young working people. It’s just free labour.

Your PaTH progam is a path to poverty. Mr Turnbull, why don’t young people deserve to be paid properly? Why don’t they get proper training? Why don’t they deserve normal workplace rights?

It’s just another example of our broken rules. Rules that give big business, chains like Bakers Delight, too much power.

“PaTH” is a con. It doesn’t get young people jobs. It doesn’t provide them with skills or qualifications. It just gives big business free labour.

Youth unemployment is at crisis levels. Most young people have never known a paid sick day. This “solution” will only put more money in the pockets of employers.

Young people deserve real opportunities.

End PaTH now and give young workers a chance, not a consignment to poverty.

Why is this important?

PaTH is a con designed to rip off young people and put more money in the pockets of employers.

The day after cutting retail workers’ penalty rates pay under the lie that it will create jobs, the Turnbull Government is driving young people into $4 an hour arrangements with big companies that will avoid paying penalty rates altogether and ensuring they remain in entrenched poverty.

Young working people are already up against it;

- We have double-digit youth unemployment figures across the country.
- Apprenticeships have dried up and now come with university style government loan debts.
- The cost of studying at university and TAFE is exorbitant.
- Young people working on weekends and public holidays face penalty rate cuts.
- Most young people have never even known a paid sick day

Turnbull’s PaTH program will do nothing for young people beyond churning them through short-term, dead-end placement. It will take away full wage paying positions, denying Australians of decent work, and will entrench the current situation of soaring profits and stagnating wages.

Young people are being driven into programs that will not guarantee a job. Only 15 per cent of PaTH internships have resulted in real jobs.

Under PaTH, business is benefiting at the expense of workers. The rules need to change to stop the exploitation of young people.

Reasons for signing

  • Was forced to go through 'employability skills' training twice (second time after I turned 25) and didn't even get into 'internship'. The course is very basic and condersending- one of the programs was basically how to sign forms.
  • Fair pay for fair work
  • To reduce exploitation of young people in the workforce.


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