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To: Scott Morrison (Liberal Party), Bill Shorten (Australian Labor Party), Richard Di Natale (Australian Greens), Dan Tehan (Minister for Education and Training), Tanya Plibersek (Shadow Minister for Education and Training)

Students Demand Action for our Future

Students Demand Action for our Future

Students and young people are tired of being left behind by our political leaders. We're fed up with inaction on climate change, feeling unsafe on our campuses, constant cuts to our education, and the increasing rates of unemployment and poverty among young people.

In line with the National Union of Students 'A Future Worth Fighting For' campaign, Curtin students demand promises and action on the following:
- Urgent action on climate change
- The establishment of a National Taskforce into sexual assault and harassment in the university community
- Increased funding and support for student and youth welfare
- A fully funded, equitable and accessible education system

Why is this important?

The Curtin Student Guild represents Curtin students on the issues that affect their lives - that's why we're telling Australian politicians that it's time to take serious action on the issues faced by students and young people.

With a Federal Election around the corner, we need to ensure that our demands are heard. Students are young people have been getting a raw deal from the government: Newstart and Youth Allowance continue to fail in even covering the most basic costs of living; youth unemployment rates are skyrocketing; the HELP repayment threshold has been lowered to $45,000 while masses of students are unable to find employment in their field; sexual assault, harassment, and hazing continues within the university community while universities dodge accountability; and our planet continues to be treated as a secondary concern to profit. These are just a few of the reasons why students and young people are struggling to get by, disengaging from politics and feeling anxious and uncertain about their futures.

Inaction and complacency from our politicians is not acceptable. Join us in telling the major political parties that WE WILL NOT BE LEFT BEHIND.

Read more about our demands here:


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