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To: Subway Australia

Subway Australia: Pay workers ripped off by franchisees

Subway Australia: Pay workers ripped off by franchisees

Pay your employees who have been ripped off and systemically underpaid by Subway franchises.

Why is this important?

'The Age' has revealed that Subway franchises are subject to a Fair Work Ombudsman investigation due to systemic underpayment of employees.

Subway Australia have claimed that it is the responsibility of franchisees to ensure that employees are being paid correctly however 'the Age' has revealed that Subway Australia's inspections of franchises has been lax.

One former employee alleged that "They [Subway head office] do inspections once a month and everything in the store is immaculate because you know Subway head office is coming but they don't ask to look at a payslip, they don't care about anything else."

Subway Australia need to pay up and give workers their fair share. Wage theft is stealing from your workers.

How it will be delivered

Email it to Subway Australia.

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Dear supporters,

Thank you for helping us get our petition to 10 signatures!

We need more to tell Subway Australia that wage theft is NOT ON and that they should pay their workers properly. Wage theft is a scourge on Australian society and we need to fight it.

ScoMo says that if you give a go, you get a go. Where's the fair go for Subway workers?

In solidarity,
Nick Haughain

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