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To: Minister for Corrections, Hon Elise Archer

Tas Prison Trainers need your support!

Tas Prison Trainers need your support!

We, the undersigned call on Minister Archer to ensure that the 40 new Tasmanian Correctional Officers have the initial and ongoing training they deserve. That all 40 recruits are trained in the already equipped facilities at TPS Training Centre at Risdon Prison Complex.

Why is this important?

Tasmanian’s count on Correctional Officers to maintain safety and security of all people who work or are held in Tasmanian prisons. TPS have been running understaffed since 2017 resulting in extended lockdowns. This means staff get burnt out, and inmates have to stay in their cells almost all day. TPS desperately needs to attract and retain trained and experienced staff.

The TPS training rooms are currently being used as office space due to Covid emergency measures. Tasmania is now fortunate to be Covid free and easing restrictions means more people can gather and there is no immediate risk of a Covid outbreak in the Prison.

There are currently 40 successful CO recruits waiting to start, but TPS are postponing 20 of them because the offsite replacement facilities can only accommodate 24 people. This delays the graduation of desperately needed staff and impacts their training. TPS are not applying the Public Health Act Direction 16 from Mr Veitch correctly.

This decision undermines the quality of Tasmania’s Prison Service and the standard of care, dignity and rehabilitation available to each prisoner.

Reasons for signing

  • Because all high risk jobs should provide proper training and risk management procedures.
  • More staff are required and better training for all current CO staff is needed.
  • I signed as I am totally disgusted with the way Custodial Officers are trained now. When I was at the prison they were all trained correctly by Custodial Officers on sight and to National Qualification standards.


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