To: Premier Daniel Andrews

It's time: Supervised Injection Facility for Victoria

It's time: Supervised Injection Facility for Victoria

On average, 34 people die each year from drug overdose in North Richmond. For health and safety of our community, Daniel Andrews needs to show courage and trial a Medically Supervised Injecting Facility trial in North Richmond.

Victoria has a drug problem and North Richmond is the epicentre.
• There are 6 heroin related callouts every day; and
• Ambulance callout costs are $2.3million.

Why is this important?

A supervised injecting room will save lives. It will get needles off the streets, get users out of public toilets and doorsteps and get people with serious drug problems the help they need.

Ambos are put in danger every day and supervised injecting rooms not only make their jobs safer, but free them up to respond more quickly to other incidents. A supervised injecting room is a good thing for all Victorians.

Trails in Sydney and around the world have worked and it's time the Victorian Parliament took action. A dozen independent evaluations have shown the benefits supervised injecting rooms with minimal negatives. In Sydney, the trial saw a 80% reduction in ambulance call outs.

The community is supportive, with over 50 organisations backing the initiative. There is a space ready to go and Fiona Patten has a bill on the table. All we need is Daniel Andrews to back it.

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