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To: WorkSafe

The Big Sleaze: stop gendered violence at work

WorkSafe need to take gendered violence seriously. We're calling on them to:

- Make prevention of gender based violence a priority
- Set up a hotline for reporting gendered violence at work
- Immediately set up a task force to investigate migrant farm workers who have experienced gender based violence at work

Why is this important?

"When I was 15, I was told there's good reason why the branding is across the chest and the crotch. When customers said disgusting things to me, the manager told me to 'take it as a compliment that customers think you're hot." -- Edie

WorkSafe is meant to be about the health and safety of all workers, and yet 60% of women workers reported having felt unsafe in their workplace, uncomfortable or at risk.

Gendered violence is the violence perpetuated against women because they are women. The violence includes behaviours such as intimidation, put downs and sexual innuendo, through to more visible acts such as sexual assault and rape. Gendered violence is an expression of power inequalities between men and women, resulting in physical, sexual, psychological and economic harm to women.

Gendered violence can cause serious physical and psychological harm to women workers, and it’s time for WorkSafe to take this hazard as seriously as any other risk.

Reasons for signing

  • Educating young women about their rights when first entering the work force is the first step in making sure our culture of expecting to be sexually harassed at work is a thing of the past by the time our kids start earning wages.
  • Sexual harassment is an epidemic that has to be fought everywhere. Women at work are vulnerable and more needs to be done to protect them.
  • It breaks my heart to know that my female family members, friends and workmates are subjected to demeaning sexual harassment. And its my duty of care to others to be self-vigilant and participate in, and passively condone sexual harassment and objectification of women.


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