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To: Dave Kelly, Minister for Science

WA State Govt: stand up for local manufacturing jobs!

United Workers Union

We, the below Pfizer Bentley workers, family members and concerned members of the community, demand that the WA state government stand up for secure local pharmaceutical manufacturing jobs.

We demand that the WA government takes the following steps as a matter of urgency:

1. Set up a feasibility study to work through the potential future for our pharmaceutical plant and how it might best contribute to the public good.

2. Make sure that manufacturing workers are consulted and involved in the study so that there is a full understanding of the skills we have and how such skills can be applied for the public good.

3. Ensure that Pfizer fully cooperates with the State government, the Union and the feasibility study to protect local jobs

Why is this important?

COVID-19 has taught us all the value and security of having a technologically advanced medical supply-chain in our state. And yet the global pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, has slated its Perth factory for closure. Not only will our community lose nearly 500 good jobs but also the cutting edge skills we need to make critical medicine for Western Australia.



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