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To: Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Minister for Aged Care Richard Colbeck

We Demand Action for Aged Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly highlighted the fault lines of the aged care system, a system that was already in crisis.

Older Australians deserve respect, dignity and high quality care. Good quality jobs deliver good quality care.

The Government must deliver urgent and major reform to improve care outcomes and support for the workforce with a plan to:

1. Mandate minimum staffing levels and required mix of skills and qualifications in every residential facility, over every shift

2. Ensure transparency and accountability for Government funding

3. Mandate training requirements (including infection control
and ongoing professional development) accessible to all staff and paid by employer

4. Increase Government funding, linked to the provision of care and the direct employment of permanent staff with decent pay and enough hours to live

Why is this important?

Only through a substantial increase in funding with expenditure transparency measures, mandated minimum staffing levels across a mix of skills, and improved wages and conditions of the workforce, can the aged care sector provide the high-quality care that older Australians deserve.

The Government can no longer afford its inaction.

Join us to demand Action on Aged Care.

Reasons for signing

  • The system in Australian Aged Care is a roll in and roll out of death, with major decline in most residents within the first 6 months of admission as well as having all their constitutional rights stripped once the paperwork is signed and are a permanent resident. More audits need to be completed within facilities and one on one meetings with the nurses/carers need to be completed. Auditing of doctors prescribing oxycodone and chemically restraining people needs to stop!
  • I strongly believe that it bis essential that Aged Care has sufficient qualified staff on all shifts. And take it out of the insufficienr care of all private companies.
  • Underpayment and understaffing in Aged Care has long been a scandal waiting to break. The eruption of covid-19 and the shameful toll in Aged Care establishments has finally brought it to notice.


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