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To: Prime Minister Scott Morrison

We need jobs you can count on

Working people need good, secure jobs that we can count on.

You have the power to make choices that will create those jobs, but so far you have chosen insecure jobs for working people.

We call on you to:
- Use government buying power to support local business and drive more secure jobs
- Support TAFE and rebuild apprenticeships
- Support the public sector
- Develop industry based plans for the future

Why is this important?

All across our country – and especially outside the larger cities – people are crying out for good secure jobs. It’s vital to being able to plan and live a decent life. The Turnbull Government is making choices that ignore working peoples’ needs.

Under this government, nearly half of us are in some kind of insecure work. Increasingly people are in jobs that are casual, forced into part-time work, engaged in labour hire or on rolling fixed-term contracts.

Recent research shows that Australia has the highest level of temporary work in the OECD.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We can use government purchasing power to create good, secure jobs instead of insecure work or sending our money overseas.

We can make sure that that when the government hires teachers, nurses and other public servants they provide good, secure jobs instead of leaving people in limbo for years.

And we can make a better country for everyone by putting the needs and lives of working people ahead of big business bottom lines.

Please tell Scott Morrison we need jobs we can count on.

Reasons for signing

  • No person can plan for the future without decent training and a secure job. All Australians deserve this.
  • To support my family and the future.
  • The government and big business is out of touch with the workers, who are their bread and butter.


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