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To: Coles Head Office

Support the Coles Somerton workers fight for fair redundancy!

Offer workers at your Somerton distribution centre a fair redundancy package. The industry standard of four weeks pay allows workers some security and stability if they are forced to look for other work.

Workers have voted to take industrial action against Toll who run the warehouse for Coles and are determined to win a fair deal. Together with our community supporters, we will be taking the fight directly to Coles HQ in Glen Iris if we are not offered a fair deal.

Why is this important?

Workers at Somerton Coles warehouse need a fair redundancy package of 4 weeks - the same as other Coles sites, no less! NUW Members will be taking protected industrial action outside Coles HQ in Glen Iris where community supporters will also be invited to gather and send a message to Coles until we win a fair deal. Unity is Strength!

#ChangetheRules so workers have the ability to collectively bargain across sites and industries. We should not have to fight for fair pay and conditions separately across multiple sites when we are all working for the same company.

"It's ridiculous. Every Coles site should have one EBA and be done with it" - NUW delegate Andrew

Reasons for signing

  • Workers should be supported in fighting for their rights.


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